An alternative PDF reader to Adobe Acrobat Reader

Are you as Sick and Tired of Adobe Reader Updates as I am?

I found a great alternative that’s:

  1. free.
  2. doesn’t bug you for updates.
  3. every bit as good as Adobe’s PDF reader.
  4. knows it’s place on your desktop as a minor app that doesn’t need it’s own system tray icon.
  5. doesn’t speak unless spoken to.
  6. Isn’t a huge bloat of an install.
  7. doesn’t install an app that’s ALWAYS RUNNING LOOKING FOR UPDATES!
  8. doesn’t require you to read 100 pages of legal text every couple of days, displayed in a tiny, scrollable window.

You can get it here at


See this image?  image

You’ll find an actual working version of it at the bottom of this article.  Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article so they too can rid themselves of the constant Adobe popups, legal agreements, and hogged resources that make up Adobe’s PDF reader.

Check back later for updates too!

Good Luck!

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