An appeal to Google+

[Update]:  As of around 2pm on 7/27/2011, my account was restored.  I’d like to thank whoever at Google re-enabled it and I’d like to thank those that petitioned Google on my behalf!  The following is my open letter to Google as it existed before my account was restored.

To whom it may concern,

You do not appear to provide a way for us to write any kind of explanation as to why we don’t use our real names on Google+.  You recently disabled my G+ account because I wasn’t using my real name and as such you’re concerned about SPAM.  That’s an understandable concern, but if you look at my history with you, going back to when GMail was still in “invite only” beta stages, I’ve had this account with you, using my pseudonym CSharpner for years and years.  I use this multiple places online to protect my real identity.  It’s the only way to be able to express opinions online without fear of someone finding where I live, my home phone number, and doing any kind of damage to me or my family, either financially, personally, or any kind of bodily harm.

If you’re concerned about spam, please read these articles I’ve written on how I’m in a continuing fight against spam.  Under NO circumstances would I EVER send spam.  You have a history of my online ID going back a decade or so, and you can confirm this.

Here are my anti-spam articles:

  1. How to Stop SPAM: Basic Tips
  2. How to Stop SPAM: Advanced Tips
  3. How to Stop SPAM: Expert Tips

As you’ll see, I use just about every online service you offer using this account.  I use it to make online payments, to receive online payments, for e-mail, for G+, for adsense, for analytics, for my Android phone, for just about everything.  You have my real name and address on file.

Please re-enable my Google+ account.


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