Converting your Google account to a Google hosted domain account


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Don’t do what?

Let me clarify:

Let’s say you own a domain name (or you were given an e-mail address on a domain by your school or company that uses Google apps and they have their own domain name (something other than and your e-mail address is something like

Now, let’s say you’ve created a Google account… say a Google+ account, to make it specific to what I’m about to explain.  You went to and created a new Google account.  The name of your Google account is and you created a password.  Keep in mind that this is a different account than your e-mail account… the passwords may very well be different.

Somehow, when you log into your Google+ account, Google detects that you also have another account that’s not a Google account, but an e-mail account on your company’s or school’s hosted domain.  Google offers you the option to merge your accounts, or to copy everything from your Google account to your domain account with the same name.


Your domain account CANNOT USE GOOGLE+!  You’ll get an error message when you try to go to G+ after logging into your domain account.  Conversely, if you log into G+ with your Google account after you’ve done the conversion, then you’ll lose access to all your uploaded videos and photos.  Neither account will work right.


See this image?  image

You’ll find an actual working version of it at the bottom of this article.  Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article so they too can avoid hosing their G+ accoun.

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