Google+ (Google Plus) and Picasa–Sharing Photos


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Facebook has photo sharing built into it.  Google+ does too, but since Google already has an independent photo sharing platform called Picasa, which you automatically get when you create ANY Google account, including a Google+ account, that’s the mechanism used for sharing photos with your Google+ Circles.

When you sign up for a Google+ account with an existing Google account, and you’ve already got photo albums in Picasa with that Google account, then G+ will automatically link them (or will detect that you have albums and ask you to link them with your G+ account).  If you already have photos in Picasa and you created a different Google account for G+, then you can’t really move the photos between the two accounts, directly.

How to move photos from a Picasa account that is NOT your G+ account

You’ll have to download your photos from your Picasa account to your hard drive, then re-upload them to your new Picasa account that’s automatically created with your new G+ account.

  1. Log into your existing Picasa account… the one that contains your existing photos.
  2. Download them to your hard drive.
  3. Log out of your existing Picasa account.
  4. Now, log into Picasa using your G+ login and password.  You’ll be logging into a completely separate Picasa account that likely has no photos in it.
  5. Create new albums to match the names of the ones you downloaded.
  6. Upload your photos from your hard drive into the newly created albums.
  7. Go to  (Since you logged into Picasa with your G+ account, you don’t have to relogin again… you’re already logged in).
  8. Click your “Photos” tab.
    • image
  9. Click “Your albums”
    • image
    • You Picasa albums will show.
    • image
  10. Click the album you want to share.  The photos in your album will be displayed.
    • image
  11. Add the circles and/or individual users you wish to share your album with then click the green “Share” button.
    • image

That’s it!

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