Google+ (Google Plus) errors today

[Update] As it turns out, these errors were because Google had suspended my G+ account without warning.  I was not aware my account was disabled.  I had thought that there were just beta bugs happening.  My account has since been restored though.  So, if you get any of the following errors, your account is probably suspended.  Go to your profile page to check for sure.  If it is suspended, they’ll be a message on your profile page from Google informing you of the suspension.
Google+ seems to be having errors today with some accounts and not others.  For example, on one of my accounts (the one I use for this blog CSHARPNER), I cannot create circles, invite people, nor even post a status update.  Here’s an example of what I get when trying to invite people:
“We were unable to deliver the invitations.  Please try again soon.”
I do not get this error with my personal G+ account.  When trying to add a circle, I get, “Error creating circle”.  When posting a status update, I get: “There was a problem saving your post.  Please try again”
I thought I try from my Android device.  Just posting an update gives me, “The application was unable to communicate with the cloud.  Please check your network connection or try again later.”
Are you getting these errors too?  Please be sure to submit the problem to G+.  Here are simple instructions on how to do it:

Google+ (Google Plus) You Should Most Definitely Leave Feedback


Also, let us know what kinds of problems you’re having in the comments below.


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  1. My max in all my circles is about 576 then the error comes out. Hmm Someone else got similar problems So it seems if you add too many users in a single drag & drop into a single circle, this error will pop up as a way to reduce spam.

    I just hope google+ can just rename that error to something like "Temporary error due to adding too much people in a single circle" & then during the selection of circle time warn us about spam issue even before we "trigger" it.

    However I'm not quite sure if that's the actual cause of it until google+ put out a blog press release.

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