Google+ (Google Plus) Suspended my account

[Update]:  As of around 2pm on 7/27/2011, my account was restored.  I’d like to thank whoever at Google re-enabled it and I’d like to thank those that petitioned Google on my behalf!  The following was my announcement of my account suspension my request for your help as it existed before my account was restored.

Well, G+ suspended my CSharpner account today apparently because I’m using my Pseudonym of CSharpner instead of my real name.  I have a G+ account I use with my real name for family and friends and a second one with my pseudonym for this blog. I have well over 200 people following me because they find my blog useful.  I prefer to remain anonymous but continue to provide technical help for people as is the intent of the free speech clause in the U.S. Constitution.

Guys, I need your help.  Please log onto your G+ account.  In the upper-right corner, click the gear icon and choose “Send Feedback”.  In the feedback, please ask them to re-enable the account for “CSharpner CSharpner”.  Inform them that you’ve never received any spam from me and let them know if my blog articles are helpful.  Let them know you respect my right to remain anonymous and you support free speech as is intended in the U.S. Constitution to defend anonymity.

When Google re-enables my account, I can continue to provide you with the articles you’ve been telling me you’ve been finding useful!


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