Google+ (Google Plus) You Should Most Definitely Leave Feedback


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Google+ is still in trial mode, which means they’ve brought us in to help them work out the kinks.  It’s really important that you report any bugs or funkiness you experience using their easy to use “Send Feedback” feature.  You should do this often.

How To:

In the lower right corner of your browser, is a “Send Feedback” button:


Click that and you’ll immediately be put into screen capture mode.  Your browser page will go gray, except for the new feedback box that opened.  Use your mouse to draw a square around the area of the screen that’s relevant to your issue (if it’s relevant, if not, just skip the screen capture and go straight to entering the text of the issue).

In the image below, I drew a box around Larry Page’s post.


Next, enter a description in the big text edit box they give you, then click “Preview”, then on the preview page, click “Send feedback”.  Note that they do not have a way to go back and change your comment, even though they give you a preview of it.  THAT should be reported too, but you don’t have a feedback button on the final feedback page, heh.

G+ is awesome, but it is in trial mode and this is the part where we help them fix the remaining bugs in their officially “unreleased” software.

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See this image?  image

You’ll find an actual working version of it at the bottom of this article.  Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article so they too can share their feedback with Google!  The +1 button, as you probably already know, is a Google+ button to share it on your G+ “+1” tab.

Check back later for updates too!

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Good Luck!

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