Google InBox Invite Winner #2

I’ve received even more entries for a Google InBox Invite.  I’ve selected the second invite winner now, who filled out this form to get entered:

Google InBox Invite

…you’ll have a better chance at winning if you share a link to that page and post YOUR link of your share on the invite form.  To get the link to your post, if you’re on the desktop browser, right-click the timestamp on your post and copy the link, then paste THAT into the web form.  To get the link from your phone or tablet, OPEN your post where you shared mine, open the menu, and choose “Link”, which will copy it to your clipboard.  Then paste it into the web form in your mobile browser.  Our 1st and 2nd winners did that.  And here’s our winner’s sob story:


“I am writing an email application in C# which will look pretty good. With inbox invite, I’ll get an idea of how it is and will try to make mine pretty cool(not exactly inbox clone). Also I need inbox invite because CSHARPNERS Rule (and I like McDonalds)!!!!!!!! “

How can I not spread a little love to an aspiring programmer?

Congratulations to Abhinav Jhanwar!  For his sob story AND for sharing the link to my invite form, he has just won an invite to InBox!

Abhinav Jhanwar


The competition is NOT over and if you’ve already entered and didn’t win this one, you’re STILL in the running and could win the next one!

See these images?


You’ll find actual working versions of them at the top and bottom of this article. Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article.

Check back later for updates too!

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