It’s YOUR fault GMail puts important E-Mail in the SPAM folder!

That’s right!  Did you know that Google’s GMail spam filter is largely based on its users marking e-mail as spam?  For example, if you voluntarily signed up for an e-newsletter, then decide you don’t want it anymore, if you mark it as spam, which it is not! because you asked for it! then other people, who also signed up for it stop getting it because when enough of you mark the SAME e-mail (which is NOT spam) as “spam”, GMail considers it spam and starts moving it into the spam folder of every GMail user that subscribes to it.


What you can do to stop the madness

It’s your civil and moral responsibility to unsubscribe from e-mail that you signed up for.  In every legitimate E-Mail subscription that you signed up for, each issue e-mailed to you will have an unsubscribe link, usually somewhere at the bottom.   USE THAT unsubscribe link instead of giving a false spam report.

I recently received a letter in the mail from a financial firm for which I do business and have money in.  The letter said that they haven’t heard from me in a while and were about to give my account to the state as an “abandoned” account.  After going through my GMail spam folder, I see that SAME letter in there from weeks earlier!  You know why it’s there?  Because some people that did or do business with this firm decided they didn’t want to receive any more mail from them and instead of doing the right thing and properly unsubscribing, they marked it as spam in GMail.  That caused the GMail servers to automatically move everyone else’s into the spam folder too!


Of the 76 e-mail messages in my spam folder for the past 30 days, only 6 of them were legitimate spam.  Why?  See above.  You are destroying the reliability of the GMail spam filters.


Your actions online don’t always just affect you.  In this case, they have a detrimental effect on other users.  Sure, this is definitely partly Google’s fault, but it’s also partly your fault too (if you’re one of the ones doing this).

So, please stop doing this and please pass the word along so others stop doing it too.

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