Quicken 2009 Bugs

This is just an online, public bug report about bugs in Quicken 2009. I’m hoping that publishing them will quicken (pardon the pun) Intuit in fixing them.

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Here are the bugs I’ve found so far:

  • When setting up a new credit card account to download transactions, after it’s successfully connected, the “Account Setup” dialog box has some display problems and looks like it’s hiding some information:


  • Renaming Rules: This is quite an annoying bug. I personally do not want Quicken to rename my payees, yet there seems to be NO WAY to prevent Quicken from doing so. I participated in 3 online tech support chats and 2 call-back phone support incidents in the last week. NONE of their suggestions worked AND they refuse to accept that this is a bug. Here’s the problem: When you download transactions using PC Banking, then go and accept your transactions, Quicken will suggest renaming rules… actually, it will DICTATE renaming rules. You cannot tell it “No”. Furthermore, the dialog box that pops up informing you of the new dictatorial renaming rules being forced on you, has a check box that says something like “don’t inform me of renaming rules again”. There are 2 problems with this. 1. I believe that checking it only causes to Quicken to not inform you of new renaming rules, but it’ll still make new renaming rules. You only have 2 buttons “Apply” and “Cancel”. If you click “Apply”, it’ll apply the rule(s) that it’s showing you. I think that’s the only way to enforce the checkbox for “don’t tell me anymore”. If you click “cancel”, you’re canceling the dialog box and therefore canceling your check box “don’t tell me anymore” which means it’ll continue to tell you. Also, canceling the dialog box does not prevent it from enforcing the rule.

I’ve spent about 4 hours with tech support over the last week trying to undo this. There’s a dialog box buried in the app where you can tell it don’t create new rules. It was already configured to NOT do those rules, yet it does them anyway. This is clearly a bug and Intuit needs to step up to the plate and admit it and fix it. I’ve been reporting this bug since Quicken 2007. I skipped Quicken 2008, so I can neither confirm nor deny that the bug is in Quicken 2008, but I’d assume that it’s there as well.

  • No Sound:  Quicken has several sounds for different events like startup (a short tune), accept transaction (cha-ching), and others.  All of a sudden, Quicken 2009 has stopped playing sounds.  Yes, the play sounds option is indeed checked and yes, sound works in all other programs (this is not my first time messing with a computer, BTW 🙂
  • File corruption:  This is a serious issue.  EVERY TIME I call Quicken support, they claim the file is corrupt.  This seems to be their excuse for all bugs in the software.  They want to dismiss any issue as a bug and claim it’s a corrupt file.  Fine, it’s a corrupt file.  Now, fix Quicken so it STOPS CORRUPTING my files!  This has been going on through at least 2 versions of Quicken (2007, 2009 (I skipped 2008)).  A bug this serious requires a complete rewrite of their file access data layer routines.

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  1. Update: 2009-03-21
    As of a couple of days ago, and FOUR HOURS on tech support (both chat and phone), they FINALLY acknowledged that the renaming rules are BROKEN! They’re developers are now going to fix it. FINALLY! This has been broken since it was first introduced in Quicken 2007. I must have spent 100 hours on this stupid problem. They kept syaing it’s “by design”, but I was bound and determined to get them to actually LOOK at it, and they finally did. Score one for the good guys!

  2. They don’t really have much competition is the only reason I can think of. Microsoft Money is the only contender that I know of. I don’t know why someone can’t just make a simple, straight forward piece of financial software that also supports PC Banking. I’d do it myself if I had the time.

  3. Yes, the renaming rule is still having it’s own merry way in 2008. I’m using the Home and Business version. My file is a disaster, completely useless, I do not have time to try and untangle the numerous rules I had set up, which Quicken added it’s own ideas to. I think my only choice is to never use Quicken again, or to start over with a 2009 file and watch very carefully. How can Intuit stay in business with an error like this??? And it also matches transactions to completely irrelevant prior transactions. I’m so dismayed, I’ve used it for years until now.

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