Rant: You do NOT have “A Facebook”!

Let’s be clear here: You do NOT have “A Facebook“! There is only ONE Facebook. It’s a humongous web site run by hundreds of people. But, there IS ONE person that has “A Facebook” and it’s not just “A Facebook“, it’s “THE Facebook” because there’s only ONE Facebook. That one person that has THE Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg because it’s HIS Facebook. Everyone else has a Facebook ACCOUNT on HIS Facebook website. There are hundreds of millions of Facebook ACCOUNTS and they all exist on the ONE Facebook.

If you tell me you have “A Facebook”. I’m going to ask you:
• Oh yah? Cool! What’s the domain name?
• Does it have better security than the original facebook?
• Do Zuckerberg’s lawyers know you’ve named yours the same thing?
• How many people have created accounts on YOUR Facebook?
• What server platform are you running it on?
• What development platform did you create it on? PHP, .Net…?
• How many servers are you using?
• How do you advertize it?
• how are you monetizing it?

What’s that? Oh! You don’t have A Facebook? You only have a Facebook account? Well why didn’t you say that?

Got it? Good!


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