Sick and Tired of Adobe Reader Updates?

Me too!

Go here and fill out a bug report (since they don’t have a way to leave complaints):;=wishform

Here’s the feedback I’m leaving for them:

Your feedback page doesn’t have a place for complaints, so I’m using the bug report form to do it.
Concise problem statement:
Steps to reproduce bug:
1. Use any computer with Adobe Reader installed.
2. Within a day or two, I’m prompted to confirm yet ANOTHER bloated install and agree to yet ANOTHER Multi page agreement, which I won’t read.
3. click “i do not agree”
4. Uninstall.
5. Install FoxIt PDF reader.
Results: After step 5, become much happier.
Expected results:  I expect to NOT have to install a new version almost every day, and I certainly don’t expect to have to reboot my computer after an update, and I REALLY don’t expect to have to read pages and pages of legal agreements every freaking day!

Look guys, Adobe Reader is a fairly unimportant piece of software in my day to day work and play.  I rarely need to read a PDF and the software has no business trying to make itself so prominent on my desktop, grabbing my attention every day when I only use it once a week, at most… even less now that Google has a web based PDF reader.

Adobe needs to learn its place on my desktop.  It is NOT an important product.  In fact, I’ve uninstalled it from my home PC.  I’m now using FoxIt, which is MUCH LESS intrusive (actually, not intrusive at all).  After I submit this report, I’m going to uninstall it from my 2 work PCs as well.

I’ve had enough of the endless license agreements.  You should have ONE agreement that doesn’t change, unless necessary, then only prompt me for that new one WHEN IT’S CHANGED!  If you were honest, you’d highlight the parts that changed, so I don’t have to copy out the text, save it to a text file, and do a WinMerge file compare between them to see what’s different.  I just don’t have the time to do that EVERY DAY, much less, READ THE ENTIRETY of it EVERY DAY!

When you change your product to:
1. Not update every day.
2. Not have a new license agreement for me to read every day.
3. Become unbloated.
4. Not require a restart for new versions.
5. Learns its place on my desktop as a fairly unimportant and rarely used product and doesn’t speak unless spoken to.

Then, and only then, will I consider installing it again.

Unfortunately, they bug report form only allows 2000 characters (no doubt, the programmer that made the form is using a database that doesn’t allow more than 2000 characters in a field (probably MS SQL Server) and doesn’t know how to record more than 2000 characters at a time).  How many detailed bug reports can fit into 2000 characters really?  But, that’s another issue.  So, I didn’t leave the entire text, only part of it.  I put a link to this entry so they can read the entirety of it.

Anyway, I encourage you all to leave similar feedback to them if you’re also sick and tired of the intrusive, constant updating, and unending license agreements.  If you don’t complain, they’re NOT going to fix it.

Update:  I found this interesting thread on the Adobe forums.  It’s a couple years old, but more relevant today than it was then:;=true

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  1. I greatly appreciate your post as I was thinking the same about Adobe Reader. I am sick of receiving Adobe Updates, it is a rather unimportant piece of SW in a computer. I have several computers, I switched to the Foxit Reader on one of them and I will on the other computers. If Adobe continues like this, more and more people will dump Adobe Reader as many that already dumped IE. Probably, Adobe doesn't care as they don't make any money from the Reader. It is the Adobe Acrobat and Flash where they get the money and they hardly have a competitor..

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