The Ultimate Collection of Google+ (Google Plus) How-To’s


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Here’s my (growing) collection of Google+ How-To articles… Yeah, I’m really liking G+.  It’s a refreshing change from the cluttered look of Facebook and has MUCH better security and privacy controls.
You should really start with the first article, “Privacy Settings You May Want to Adjust” as soon as you get your G+ account.

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You’ll find an actual working version of it at the bottom of this article. Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article so they too can quickly quickly get up and going with Google+.

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Good Luck and Enjoy your new Google+ account!

3 Replies to “The Ultimate Collection of Google+ (Google Plus) How-To’s”

  1. Z,

    To post to an individual person, just make a post, like you were making a public post, but below the post, where you choose the circles, just put that individual's name instead. That person will see the post in their stream (if you're in their circle… I think they probably won't see it if you're not in their circles).

    The person can post a comment to it and only you and that other person will see any of it.

    It's a bit disconcerting a first, because it looks and /feels/ like a public post.

    To invite:

  2. how does one post to a member of a circle? Someone has attempted to contact me, both of us are invited members with +, and there's no post, or reply, or send button. Then there's no way to send invites to others. howcome?

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