Windows Vista Backup – Can’t Backup!

Most of my tech blogs are written to provide a solution. This time, I’m just going to rant…

First, a nice feature of Vista is that it monitors the drive status of your hard drives and reports to you when impending doom approaches and gives you the opportunity to back up the failing drive immediately:

So, the obvious step to take is to take Vista up on its offer and back up your dying drive. So, I did. Rediculously, Vista absolutely insists that I also back up my C drive to the same backup location at the same time!!! Well, guess what Microsoft, I DON’T NEED TO BACKUP MY 500GB C DRIVE!! I only need to backup my dying 80GB drive. At the moment, I don’t have space to backup C. Check out this screen shot. It actually says:

“The disk that Windows is installed on will always be included in the backup.”

Notice that the C-Drive’s check box is grayed out? You CAN’T UN-select it!

I’m finding a lot of things that I don’t like about Vista. Most of the nasty things have to do with its paranoid tactics against piracy that has more of an effect on ligitimate users than on pirates as well as rediculous blockades against your OWN hardware and your OWN purchased “premium content” with “content protection”. It’ll actually intentionally degrade your audio if you’re playing music THAT YOU PAID FOR, but your hardware doesn’t have all of the expensive, top of the line, encryption built into the hardware. It will do the same for video. In some cases, it will just shut off your audio or video if you have any audio or video hardware in your computer that’s not 100% hardware secured… and EVERYONE does.


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