Debunking another Flat Earth Video

Amazingly, there are grown adults in first world countries that believe the earth is flat.  They frequently post videos “proving” their B.S., military grade stupidity, thinking they’ve outsmarted the rest of the world.  It’s amazing and sad to see.  Here’s yet another one that I’ll be debunking here.  Although, MUCH of what they provide lacks source material, so we don’t know what they’re showing.

Debunking this video:

h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = G 8 f J N _ 6 N H h 4

  1. at 00:12 seconds in, showing 2 images of the space jump, one showing a label on the capsule and one not.
    You have to provide sources. Show us the video. Is one from a rendering or a test at a different time?
  2. at 00:22 seconds in, an astronaut suddenly appearing from nowhere: Again, CONTEXT MATTERS! Was this just NASA’s broadcast switching from one recording to another? It’s CRITICAL for you to show us the source material, otherwise, there’s no way to confirm or debunk.
  3. car in space: No argument is actually given, therefore, there’s nothing to refute.
  4. 1:04, showing blockiness around the earth in a photo from the moon.
    I’m surprised the video maker knows enough about a paint program to increase the contrast, but not enough to know that this is a VERY WELL KNOWN artifact of lossy image compression. Also, your video is at 720×480… EXTREMELY LOW RES. Why?

  5. Picture of full earth over moon horizon: AGAIN DUDE! SOURCE MATERIAL!!!! Where the HELL did you get this image from? Is it claimed to be authentic or is it an artists work that you found on the internet???
  6. image with tilted box: More than likely they rotated the image so the north & south pole line up for your viewing pleasure. There’s no up or down in space. Neither the satellite nor its camera are necessarily oriented perfectly with the earth’s axis of rotation with the top of the camera perfectly lined up with true, earth north. I moved the levels down even MORE in my local paint program, and you know what I found? STARS!
    1. Also, notice in both YOUR and MY level modifications, there are horizontal bands that line up with the rotated box frame?  Those are artifacts of the CCD.  A fake wouldn’t have these and certainly wouldn’t hide them in low levels.
    2. If these were fake, there’d be no reason to have a non black background, no reason to rotate it (just manufacture it in the orientation you want), and no need to put stars in there far below the viewer’s ability to see, hidden in the very low gray scales. All of your “evidence” is evidence of it being real. Here’s a link to the gallery it came from:
  7. 1:22 Saturn’s moon Enceladus: What are you trying to prove here? Again, you’ve revealed more detail of the surface of the moon that wasn’t visible in the original image and revealed stars that weren’t visible in the original image. Why hide this in a fake? You’re providing evidence that it’s real.
  8. 1:29 Green edge between moon and earth. Again, if it were fake, they’d have it perfect with no artifacts. This is likely an artifact of the CCD on the camera or the lenses. Everyone has seen these ghosting effects in cameras.
  9. 1:34 The earth and “copied” clouds. OMG! We’ve been debunking this one over and over and over for YEARS! That’s NOT AN IMAGE THAT NASA CLAIMS IS REAL!!! That’s the original iPhone wallpaper. There are multiple articles on how the artist created the image. Again, I’ve debunked this one so often, I write a blog post about it here: Does NASA fake photos of Earth?
  10. 1:47 yet AGAIN… JPEG COMPRESSION ARTIFACTS!!! How many DECADES do you want us to explain this to you before you finally understand what everyone else already understands?
  11. 1:58 Apollo 15 image. Ghosting on analog film is a VERY WELL known phenomenon. How many examples of this do you have in this video???
  12. 2:13, yet again, more JPEG artifacts!
  13. Poor lense, bandwidth, & compression problems in ISS footage.

OK, I’ve spent enough of my free time just on the first 3 minutes and 29 seconds of this 20 minute video… 13 innuendos in all.  I’ve debunked 100% of everything shown up to that point, though no proofs were shown of any claims, only innuendos, but I debunked those.  I never saw a top 10 count in that time segment though.  Maybe it’s later?  Maybe I’ll get back to it when I’ve got more time to waste.  But for now, I’ve got a life to get back to.

Can’t play 3D Blu-Ray DVDs?

Can’t play 3D Blu-Ray DVDs on your new Samsung 3D Blu-Ray DVD player?  Getting this error?




Here’s how to fix the problem:

First, I’m assuming the blatantly obvious, that you actually HAVE a 3DTV and your 3D Blu-Ray DVD player is connected to your 3DTV with an HDMI cable.

There’s actually a menu option in the DVD player menu system, buried deep inside, that you have to fix.  The Samsung tech support rep I spoke to on the phone had no clue and wanted me to take the disc back and swap it for another.  Don’t do that.  Here are the menus to fix it:

  1. From the main screen on your DVD player (press STOP on your remote if you’re seeing the blue screen error above), go to settings and choose “Display”.20121006_181223
  2. Choose “3D Settings”, then “3D Playback Mode”20121006_181250
  3. It should be set to “3D –> 3D”………………….20121006_181402

The DVD will then switch to sending a 3D signal to the TV.  Just like on a Windows computer, when you switch resolutions, it’ll give you 15 seconds to accept the change, or it’ll switch back.


Select OK and it’ll do the 3D video test.


Notice that my TV overlays another dialog box, notifying me that it’s now receiving a 3D signal.  Your TV might do something similar.  Note the dialog box behind that?  The one sent from the DVD player?  It’s got a 15 second count down and you’d better choose “OK” from your DVD remote or it’ll switch back to 2D mode.

Done!  Notice that in the image below, both the left and right eye images are showing.  My camera is not filtering them, so we see both… just to validate that it’s working.


Put your 3D glasses on and enjoy!

Did I help you?  Can you help me now?

See these images?


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Jeri Ryan Burn-In

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imageDo This

  1. • Stare at her nose for 30 seconds.
  2. • Look at something white and blink.

Everyone’s favorite Borg, Jeri Ryan is now burned into your retina!  You’re welcome! Smile


How does this work?

It’s pretty simple, really.  The lighter colors in the image will temporarily “burn” your retina, so those parts of your retina that have had those parts of the brighter image shone on them become less capable of seeing light, or more specifically, that color of light.  As a result, when you look at an evenly white image (a blank, white page), the parts of your retina that did not view bright parts will sense more of the light reflecting off the blank, white page you’re looking at.  So, you’ll see a negative, of what you were staring it.  The same is true for the colors too.  When you stare at blue, for example, then look at a white page, your blue receptors aren’t working as well as your red and green receptors.  So, you see more red and green light than you do blue.  Red and green light mixed together appears as yellow… the visual opposite of blue.

In essence, you see a photographic negative of what you stare at once you look away at a blank wall.  So, if you want to see a real image when you look away, you’ll have to stare at a photographic negative first.

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So, How did I make that image?

Easy.  I just snagged her photo she published on her G+ profile page, loaded it into Paint.Net, and hit the Invert command.  Here’s a quick flash video demonstrating how to make one of your own.


Many thanks to Jeri Ryan for permission to use her image and for her sharing this article with all of her followers on G+ and Twitter!  It’s very much appreciated!


See these images? imageimage
You’ll find an actual working versions of them at the top and bottom of this article. Please click the appropriate buttons in it to let your friends know about this article.

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